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  • name:Vitamin K2
  • no.:CAS No.: 863-61-6
  • specification: 0.1%-99%
  • package: Aluminum Foil Bag, Carton, Fibre Drum
Product Details

GMP Vitamin K2 powder , bulk pure natto Vitamin K2 , Vitamin D3 K2

Vitamin K2(20) ,MK-4
Vitamin K2(20) : 98% Powder
Vitamin K2(20) , 99%, Powder
Vitamin K2(35) ,MK-7
Vitamin K2(35) , 0.1%, Oil
Vitamin K2(35) , 1.5%, Powder(DCP)
Vitamin K2(35) , 0.1%, Powder
Vitamin K2(35) , 1.0%, Powder
Vitamin K2(35) , 0.2%, Oil
Vitamin K2(35) , 1.0%, Oil
Vitamin K2(35) , 0.2%, Powder
Vitamin K2(35) , 1.5%, Oil
Vitamin K2(35) , 0.5%, Oil
Vitamin K2(35) , 1.5%,Powder
Vitamin K2(35) , 0.5%, Powder
Vitamin K2(35) , 3.0%, Powder
Vitamin K2(35) , 1%, Powder
Vitamin K2(35) , 5.0%, Powder
Vitamin K2(35) , 1.3%, Powder

Vitamin K2(20) , 99%, Powder

Vitamin K2(35) , 0.5%, Oil

Vitamin K2(35) , 1.3%, Powder


Vitamin K2 is essential for the carboxylation of glutamate residues in certain proteins, to give-carboxyglutamate. This modification allows the protein to bind calcium, an essential event in the blood clotting cascade. Carboxylation of glutamate is also important in other proteins involved in the mobilization or transport of calcium. Vitamin K2 is also a known of SXR. Currently in Japan, Vitamin K2 is being used to treat the degenerative bone disease osteoporosis.Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin,it is needed to manufacture prothrombin, a substance essential for the normal clotting of blood.

1.Vitamin K2 is being used to cure haemorrhage caused by VK2 deficiency; promotes the formation of thrombin, accelerates blood clotting, maintains proper clotting time; also used as quick coagulant in surgeries or first aids
2. Vitamin K2 is being used to treat the degenerative bone disease osteoporosis.; VK2 produces a specific protein known as osteocalcin which can bind calcium, therefore to increase the density of bones and to prevent fracture.
3. Vitamin K2 can prevent the disease of hepatocellular carcinoma in women with viral cirrhosis.
4. Vitamin K2 has function of diuresis, promotes the detoxifcation of liver and lowering the blood pressure.

(1) treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, vitamin K2 generate bone protein, and then together with the calcium of bone formation, increase bone density and prevent fractures. 

(2) Vitamin K2 can prevent progression to liver cirrhosis. 

(3) the lack of treatment of hemorrhagic disease of vitamin K2, and promote the formation of prothrombin, accelerated blood clotting, maintain normal clotting time. 

(4) with a diuretic, strengthen the liver's detoxification function, and can lower blood pressure. 

Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Vitamin K2

The natural one is from bacillus subtilis natto, no preservatives, no additives and non-GMO. The cost is also higher and content is lower. Synthetic one use MCC(microcrystalline cellulose) as the excipients, which is stable and with lower cost.